Custom Flag Maker can make any kind of flag for you as you request. You can choose any kind of logo or colour on your flag or send them a design and we will make it for you! Any size you like, as long as you come to an agreement with the company.

Normally, after the design is given to the establishment, we make a quote for the relevant flag and offer this quote to the client. This quote includes shipping and handling. The custom flag maker makes this calculation, after we calculate the production cost in addition to the shipping cost and the profit. Sometimes the seller will ask for a down payment or the money up front to start the production of the flag.

Most custom flag makers use three different types of techniques to produce the desired custom flag. “Digitally” and “Dye” printed with “Hand sawn” flags are the three common techniques which are used. According to where you will use this flag, it will be made to your needs and specifications.

These days with the common use of the internet, there are even more flag makers today, than there were used to be 30 years ago and this is why one needs to make a wise decision when choosing a Custom Flagmaker . It should be an old establishment and you must be certain that they know what they are doing.

We know of an establishment that was formed in 1919. We are the most experienced and oldest company that produce flags. In the recent years, we sell flags all over Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. This company’s flag production has passed from generation to generation in the Custom Flag Maker family. In 1919, we have produced our first national flag. These days we have transformed our business to the great advances of technology in order to maintain our higher ability, in this more competitive market today.

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