Our company was established in 1919 during World War I years. By the 50’s, we implemented fully integrated manufacturing plant with inhouse weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing facility of natural fibers like wool and cotton. By the 80’s we were able to process synthetic polyester fibers with dyeing, fully automated Printing, steaming and finishing facilities. In 1993, we were introduced to digital printing and started printing banners and printing flags by this new technology.

Our company played a major role in research and development of dye-sublimation inks by testing inks and giving constant feedback to the major ink manufacturers in Europe. At Customflagmaker, we know a flag is one of the most enduring ways to share with people who you are, what you stand for, and the pride you have for your country, business or organization. We have been manufacturing flags since 1919 and are very proud of our history.