Dealership Flags

Dealership flags can also be referred as Auto dealer flags. They are the types of flags that are used in places where they sell cars and trucks.  The car sales men grab the attention of their potential customers, by displaying these flags in their gallery or showroom. They also display them outside their premises to grab the attention from far away. They could also give out messages, display certain offers by the help of custom made banners and message flags. The auto dealer may have a special logo or the logo of the brand of cars they sell printed on any type of flags.

In present day, feather flags and tear drop flags are the most common types of flags used in Dealerships. In some cases they use string pennants for decoration. There is also a particular flag that is used which is kind of a feather flag in a rectangular shape. They could put double logos on these and print content on the flag vertically. These are also can be called Vertical Drape flags. Normally they have blue and white and red colours printed vertically on these types of flags. In some cases they use Checkered flags as well as a design on the flag. Commonly, in the US, they really make a circus with these flags but in Europe or other parts of the world they don’t go over the top as they do in the States in the Dealerships. This happens especially if they go over the top with string pennants displayed all over the place.

In the forecourt, or at the front or at the entrance of the auto dealers, they mostly use very large drape flags with the logo of the company or the logo of the main brand that they sell. In any case, it would be very unusual and awkward for an Auto dealer not to have flags on their premises. In this type of business one always needs to promote.