House for sale by owner signs

For Sale By Owner signs and banners are a great way to market your property and entice potential buyers. Whenever placing a property on the real estate market, you want to showcase your property and attract attention. A “For Sale By Owner” sign across a vacant property is a guaranteed way to catch attention. Most buyers are automatically drawn to a colorful  for sale sign when searching for a home.

Make a statement with bright colors. Adding bright colors to your real estate banner and increase your chances of gaining attention. Bright colors like fluorecent red or orange are very popular real estate sign colors because many people are drawn directly to it;

Regardsless of the colors, the important thing to keep in mind that great contrast and easy readability.

Use words that sell your home. When people looking to buy a house, try to use common advertising phrases like “For Sale By Owner,” “owner financed,” “rent to own,” “open house,” and “available today.”

Showcase what’s special. Tell potential buyers that your home has an in-ground pool, newly renovated three-car garage, breakfast nook, or sunroom. These unique qualities that sets apart your home from others will make a big difference to get offers.