Message Flags

Message flags are the type of flags that sends out messages, directions or notices. These messages could vary a lot. They could be saying anything like “SALE”, “OPEN”, “BURGERS”, “USED CARS”, “VACANCY”, “AUCTION”, “WE FINANCE” or any type of message you wanted to get custom made. The messages are written generally either in vertical or horizontal style. And they are very eye catching for the viewer. In some cases, they might even use feather flags or tear drop flags for displaying these messages but they could also be done on normal flags. These types of flags are normally used in places where some information is given out as a sign, for example in a car dealership, they might want to use message flags to display that they have a sale on used cars. Or it could even be a simple welcome message to their customer to make their work place look friendly to potential customers.

On normal message flags they generally use nylon fabric. The size of a normal message flag is 3 feet to 5 feet.  Larger sizes are 3 feet to 8 feet. Some of these flags have red, white and blue colours on them and the lettering is normally done in black colour.

If it’s something unusual that you are looking for then you can always contact custom flag makers to produce your message flags. You can choose the text you want to have on them, or you can simply design the whole thing by yourself and send the custom flag maker your design with an e-mail attachment. You can also order these message flags, on regular flags or feather flags or tear drop flags. If you want your messages to call out to your potential customers, you can choose to purchase tens or hundreds of these flags and give out whole bunch of different messages or notices to your customers.