Sport Flags

Sport flags are the types of flags or sporting pennants which are used in any type of different sporting events. These sporting events are, American College Football, American College Basketball, Nascar, NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, European football, Formula 1, Athletics, Olympics, European Basketball leagues, Rugby leagues, Cricket, Badminton, Snooker, Darts, Tennis, in other words, every kind of sport you could think of.

Any sporting event you go to, you will see some sport flags in the Arena, or Stadium the sporting event is taking place at. It’s not just only the merchandise, or what fans carry with them or display in the stands but there are also sport flags that are involved in the games in its self. And some of these flags have crucial implications in these sporting events. For example, in European football or soccer, an assistant referee will use a flag to pin point the attacking players for off-sides. When he sees a player, he indicates that by raising his flag. Also, there are corner flags. These are red coloured flags which indicate the four different corners of the pitch. And this is the area where the corners are taken from. Before every soccer game, all the members of the teams shake hands and before the toss, the captains will exchange the sporting pennants of their clubs, or National teams.

In American College Football or NFL, they use Feather flags or Tear drop flags as sport flags, to indicate the yards a team has rushed with their offense. In the game of Golf, all the holes where the players are supposed to pot the balls are indicated with white coloured flags. In car racing, they always wave those checker flags to indicate a start of a race. In boat racing, flags are used as markers to direct the route that the boats should follow.

As well as merchandising sport flags for fans, the sport flags that are used as props in the games carry a very crucial importance in those particular sporting events.