A Brief History of World Flags

People have been using flags or flag like materials for over 4,000 years. Flags designed and used by ancient cultures are shown on Greek coins and Egyptian tomb carvings.

The first flag like objects are called “vexilloids”. Vexillology is known as the scientific study of flags. The word comes from Latin meaning “guide”. First flags known to mankind were metal or wooden poles with carvings on or near the top. About 2,000 years ago, fabric pieces were added to flags for decoration. At that point in time, these primitive flag like objects begun to resemble modern flags of today.

Today, a flag is defined as a piece of colored fabric or material that is used as a symbol although some flags are used only for decorative purposes. A special type of flag, marine flags, are used for conveying a message.

Today, every country in the world has a unique flag. Organizations, clubs, companies and even royal families are known to have flags representing their nature and their status.