Coffin Flags

These types of flags are used to cover coffins. And they are used in burials and funerals. Sometimes they refer to them as funeral flags or coffin drapes as well. During the ceremony, this large flag in rectangular shape may be used to cover the coffin or the casket for a soldier who has died on the line of duty for their country.

This way, a country pays their respects to their deceased soldier and it’s a way of showing their condolences to the families and relatives of these war heroes. A typical coffin flag is 5 feet by 8 feet and a flag with these dimensions can easily cover a standard sized casket. The kinds of fabrics used for these kinds of flags could be polyester or nylon.

Other than soldiers, fire fighters also use coffin flags during funerals and burial ceremonies. This type of flag has a red line printed on them and they represent the fire fighters. Also, most of the deceased politician’s or ex-prime minister’s caskets get covered with the flag of their country.

For example, most recently when Margaret Thatcher was deceased last year her coffin covered with the Union Jack Flag had been driven in London, and the British people made a ceremony for her memory. Some of the public had shown their respects but some also criticized that a ceremony in such high calibre was not needed since this was all being paid for by the tax payer’s money.

These types of flags are very important because they show respect to the dead. This is why it is very important that these flags are properly sawn by hand around the edges. One must really be certain that, they look neat and tidy during the ceremony because it is very important for the respect.