Stick Flags


Stick flags are the types of flags which are used in any type of different national holidays, parades, or other festive events with large crowds. For example in the UK, it was really easy to spot Stick Flags during the Queen’s Jubilee or the Royal Wedding. In the United States, American citizens celebrate 4th of July, as the day for the gain of their independence and many people celebrate with the stick flags in their hand.

Stick flags can also be named a miniature flag, or a hand held flag. They are also similar to table flags. The flags are sized 4 inches to 5.5 inches and they are attached to a 10 inch wooden or plastic pole. The fabric is made of paper or nylon. Some of these flags where paper fabric is used to produce the flags can lack in quality and may not be durable, because paper fabric is not designed for very wet weather conditions. They are designed to be hand held and waved manually. These types of flags are very popular amongst children.

They are also similar to car flags, but the stick flags are like the old version of the car flags. They are simpler and cost less than car flags. Therefore, they are less durable for severe weather conditions and they only get used once or twice. The very mini version of stick flags are referred to as Cocktail flags. They normally get used to decorate drinks where the pole of the flag is simply a tooth pick. Cocktail flags are probably 10 times smaller than the stick flags.

One potential disadvantage about stick flags is the question whether or not they are good for the environment. Most of the time, they get used once and they are thrown away. There must be a careful consideration made for the disposing and recycling these flags after they are used.

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Custom Stick Flags

Custom Stick Flags