Car Flags

Car flags are the type of flags which people mount on their car windows with the help of a plastic pole. The pole is built in a certain way where you can mount your pole easily on the top of your car window. Once you close your window, the pole will be securely mounted to the window. As the car is in motion your flag will wave very strongly.

There is also other type of car flag that is attached to the car on the bonnet or the bodywork. This type of flag generally gets used on a diplomatic car. For private use, this type of flag may need a special permit or requirements that can be related to diplomacy. Also, in order to mount the pole on the bonnet, the pole must be a Diplomat car pole.

Without any special permit, you can choose to mount a regular car flag of your favourite soccer team, or your national team easily on your car window. For example, in the UK, where people are proud of their nation, these types of flags get really popular during the World Cups, Olympics or European Championships.

For some reason, especially citizens that live abroad always want to represent and celebrate the colours of their country. You can easily purchase a regular car flag via the internet or at the stores. If you want to request a flag of a special country where this country is not commonly known then you might want to consider contacting custom flag makers.

Car flags are usually produced from polyester fabric. The medium sized car flag is 30 cm. by 45 cm. Back in the day, in the late 1980’s, people used to have “rear view mirror” flags to decorate their cars. These new type of car flags really had put those rear view mirror displays out of contention and fashion.