Sign maker

What do sign makers do? How to become a sign maker?

You may find few answers to your questions about sign makers here.

Signmakers design, paint, manufacture and install signs for displays, buildings, shopping complexes, signboards, boats, vehicles and structures.

Personal requirements or must have skills of a Signmaker

1-Ability and interest in drawing and designing

2-Organisational and analytical skills

3-Willing to work at heights like building exteriors.

4- Colour vision.and good eyesight

5-Good oral and written communication skills

6-Willingness for working with computers an graphic softwares

7-Good at working with hands

8-Willing to work both indoors and outdoors

Education and Training for a Signmaker

90 per cent of the successful signmakers  usually complete an apprenticeship. Entry requirements may vary from company to company, but employers usually require 10 years of experience.