The history behind the Real Madrid Football Club Flag.

The first crest from 1902 had a simple design of the three initials of the club, “MCF” for Madrid Club de Fútbol, in navy blue on a white shirt. The first change in the crest was made in 1908 when the letters become more streamlined and placed inside a circle. The next change in the configuration of the crest was made at the presidency of Pedro Parages in 1920. At that time, King Alfonso XIII granted the club his royal patronage and the title became “Real Madrid,” meaning “Royal. Alfonso’s crown was added to the crest and it was called Real Madrid Club de Fútbol.

With the end of the monarchy in 1931, all the royal symbols were removed. The crown was replaced by the mulberry band of the Region of Castile. In 1941, after the end of the Civil War, the “Royal Crown”, was placed and the mulberry stripe of Castile stayed as well. In addition, the whole crest was made full color, and the club was again called Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. The latest modification to the crest happened in 2001 when the club wanted someting for the 21st century and further standardize its crest. One of the modifications made was changing the mulberry stripe to a more royal bluish shade.