Vinyl banners is as an alternative to expensive neon light

Another popular use of vinyl banners is as an alternative to expensive neon light. To create an illuminate display, a framework is created out of plastic or metal rods depending on the use. Special holders are provided to hold electric bulbs and the conductors. A PVC sheet bearing the message is then carefully wrapped around this structure. A means of supplying power to the structure is provided so that they can be turned on in darkness.

Environment activists have suggested that all man made physical features to be added to the environment must be friendly. Cases abound of bill boards creating e risks on the highway by distracting the drivers. According to them, oil based paints should be scrapped off because they degrade the environment. Instead, they recommend water based colors that are known to cause no harm. The use of LED lights in place of filament bulbs has been cited as a good way of conforming to the energy conservationists interests.